New Years (Literary) Resolutions

We here at The Blog Was Better are looking forward to the New Year. 2012 was rather amazing: living in Dublin, finishing our degrees, the creation of the inseparable duo consisting of our fabulous selves. But 2013 holds much promise, and perhaps more excitingly (for us, at least) many good books. And so, we have decided to make New Years resolutions regarding books, as we know we stand a good chance of keeping these promises.

Being that we are fabulous and horribly interesting, you will of course wish to be privy to such things. As we are benevolent as well as frighteningly amazing, we shall list these resolutions below.


  • I resolve to read at least one book per month for pure pleasure; nothing associated with the blog or other reviews, nothing I in any way feel obligated to read.
  • I also resolve to catch up on the (far too many) series that I have fallen behind in due to lack of time. There is no excuse for this; if there is time to sleep, there is time to read. (I say this now, but I will fall asleep randomly in a highly-narcoleptic fashion.)
  • This one is a bit overwhelming, and I’m including it here only as an aspiration: I want to read through all the books I own. I have SO MANY that I’ve bought and want to read, but just haven’t had the time (or another book gets in the way). This is the year I finally read Jonathan Strange and Mr. NorellAmerican Gods, as well as the last two books in the Dresden Files series. For shame I have not read these yet. I’ve owned them for a good while, though, so does that make it better or worse?
  • Finally, I resolve to keep up with this blog. I need an outlet for all the cool things I read, and others need to be more aware of my keen insights.


  • My first resolution involves my work at a library (that counts as a reading resolution, doesn’t it?). That is, it involves me resolving to STOP TAKING HOME LARGE STACKS OF BOOKS EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  My brain is a strange and wondrous place, but it can only read so much. Willpower will be key here, my friends.  The library is a beautiful place, full of shiny and wonderful treasures – i.e. all the books I ever wanted to read ever.  
  • As Diana has, I also resolve to keep up with this blog – obviously, for the sake of the millions of readers who count on my every thought and word. Not at all because I am a sick addict who would love to talk about books 24/7. Nope.
  • Lastly, I resolve to try and get through the rather large stack of books I have sitting on my shelf before buying any new books, with everything from poetry and YA and fantasy to horror and memoirs and non-fiction.  (I am very doubtful regarding this last resolution.  Book stores are my crack, people.) My only caveat is that I am going to force myself to read at least one book this year that I might not otherwise pick up.  Sometimes books can surprise you – thank goodness, for wouldn’t the world be dull if they didn’t? – and I think I’d enjoy a pleasant literary surprise this year.

Have any resolutions of your own? Let us know in the comments!


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